The Central Area Neighborhood Design Guidelines Coalition, met with the Planning, Land Use and Zoning Committee on 21 March 2018, to speak to the adoption of Central Area Neighborhood Design Guidelines. Additionally, introduced is the creation of a new Design Review Board specific to the Central Area neighborhoods. Currently, the Design Review process within the Central Area splits the community into two separate regions causing review of property development in the Central Area by two separate boards (outside of the central area neighborhoods).  Creating a new Design Review Board for the Central Area, maintains consistency, cultural relevancy and provides a resource when planning for land use and development within the Central Area.  The Central Area Design Guidelines Coalition consists of volunteer community members representing the following organizations:

The Central Area Land Use Review Committee (LURC),  Historical Central Area Arts & Cultural District (HCAACD), African American Veterans of Washington, 23rd Ave ACT, Central Area Collaborative and the Design Teams of Mimar Studio and Schemata Workshops

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Central Area Neighborhood Design Guidelines Coalition in Action