The Central Area Collaborative proudly shares the following resources available to all businesses.

Communities Rise has expanded their capacity to serve small businesses and nonprofits impacted by COVID-19 through their COVID-19 virtual Legal, Grant Writing and Fundraising Clinics.  Please help us get the word out about our new services to the communities you work in.  Feel free to cut and paste the following information. 


Covid-19 Small Business and Nonprofit Legal Clinic:

Small businesses and nonprofits will get to meet with a lawyer for a free 60-minute legal consultation by phone or video conference (client preference). Clinic appointments are scheduled at a time that is convenient for the client and attorney. After the client applies for services, we will match them with a lawyer, and the lawyer will call them to schedule your appointment. We have created this new and expanded clinic system to handle a high volume of COVID-19 related requests. Interpretation is available in a variety of languages.


We are reaching out to businesses and organizations less likely to access legal support services and those who have been left out of mainstream supports to date. Specifically, Communities Rise is conducting outreach to black, indigenous, communities of color and other marginalized communities. 


For more information about our Covid-19 Small Business and Nonprofit Legal Clinic:  


 Legal Tools to Support Small Businesses and Nonprofits Navigate the Impact of Covid-19

  • Short instructional videos that walk through the PPP and EIDL loan applications with accompanying updates and supplemental materials.
  • Lease Amendment Toolkit and video.  We are creating a Lease Amendment Toolkit for small businesses and nonprofits to navigate renegotiating their leases.  (Coming soon to our website)
  • Legal Alerts to let community know about the changing laws and federal and state resources.


Grant Writing, Fundraising and other Capacity Building needs.

Communities Rise is also offering free grant writing and fundraising clinic appointments at this time. Join us at the grant writing clinic for an hour long appointment to learn about general grant writing resources, how to approach grant writing, and tips for searching for grants. This appointment often includes multiple organizations, and operates as a grant writing 101 workshop! We also offer 30 minute 1-on-1 appointments that allow you to review and get feedback on an LOI, proposal, or other grant-related document. For our fundraising clinic, we offer 90 minute appointments from where you can work directly with a fundraising expert on exploring donor mapping, working on plans for a fundraising event, or other fundraising issues.

If the clients have other capacity building needs, we are asking them to please let us know what they need help with and we will try to find them resources.


To request capacity building support: