Cardea is partnering with Byrd Barr Place to explore the strengths, challenges, and opportunities for alignment across Black-led, social change nonprofits in King County to increase future funding opportunities for all Black-led nonprofits in the region. As a leader at your organization, your perspective is incredibly valuable!

The purpose of this survey is to increase awareness of the work Black-led nonprofits are accomplishing, facilitate opportunities for partnership, and provide education to funders about the work of Black-led nonprofits, with the goal of collectively increasing philanthropic support and closing gaps in funding for Black-led nonprofits in King County, WA.

The information you provide through this survey will be used to inform private and public funders about the work of Black-led nonprofits throughout our region.

To get a link custom to your organization please contact:

Olivia Lutz, MPH
Research and Evaluation Manager
Cardea – Seattle

Typically, it takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time and feedback!

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