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The Central Area Collaborative and Intentionalist are excited to announce a partnership in support of small businesses in Seattle’s Central District neighborhood.

As an organization dedicated to the economic and cultural vitality of Seattle’s Central Area, the Central Area Collaborative provides technical assistance and financial support to local businesses. To complement their ongoing initiatives, the Central Area Collaborative is partnering with Intentionalist to catalyze additional support for consumer-facing small businesses including restaurants, coffee shops, and other service providers.

The Central Area Collaborative and Intentionalist are launching a community resource to amplify consumer awareness of and facilitate gift certificate sales by Central District small businesses including:

Consumers receive a 20 percent discount on the purchase gift certificates up to $100 from participating small businesses, underwritten by the Central Area Collaborative.

Intentionalist does not charge any commission fees, and so all gift certificate sales benefit local businesses.

“We know that our businesses have sustained tremendous losses during the pandemic,” said Central Area Collaborative Program Manager, Dennis Comer. “If we want to retain the Central Districts’s commercial vitality, it’s more important now than ever before to support our neighborhood economy. The Central Area Collaborative’s hope is that as many people as possible show support to our local BIPOC-owned, small businesses by taking advantage of the gift certificate discounts that we are offering in partnership with Intentionalist. It’s a win-win for everyone, your dollar goes a little further and the businesses get much-needed revenue.”

“The Central Area Collaborative is providing an incentive that will encourage new and existing customers to support Central Area small businesses that need our support. We are proud to collaborate with them to raise awareness of the diverse local businesses in the Central District neighborhood and encouragement the broader community to #SpendLikeItMatters,” said Intentionalist CEO, Laura Clise.

“The pandemic has created a significant financial burden for small businesses, and we appreciate that the Central Area Collaborative is incentivizing additional support at a time when local businesses really need it,” said Erika White, Owner of Fat’s Chicken and Waffles. “We have already benefited from selling our gift certificates in Intentionalist’s Gift Certificate Marketplace, and I think that this partnership will help even more people get to know businesses like Fat’s Chicken and Waffles in the community.”

“Being a part of Intentionalist’s Gift Certificate Marketplace has provided helpful visibility and revenue for Simply Soulful,” said co-owner, Lillian Rambus. “The additional support from the Central Area Collaborative will hopefully incentivize even more people to learn about and purchase gift certificates from small businesses like mine that depend on the community more than ever.”



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