Hello Central Area Community,

It was 6 years ago, that the community came together to help fashion guidelines that would help facilitate equitable development among our African American and other minority small and micro businesses. At that time, we were not aware of the unintended consequences of up zoning the major arterials within the Central Area neighborhoods. However, all of us did come together to develop five goals that would be at the forefront and keep equitable economic development as a focal point towards progress.

Since that time there have been several programs from the federal, state and local government that are designed to measure progress within the community. The ongoing pandemic brings with it the realization of the fragility of the Central Area’s small business community. Many of our family owned businesses have either closed and left the community or are barely surviving. To quantify the impacts the Central Area Collaborative has crafted a series of survey questions from the various demographics within the community.

We encourage you to take a look at the focus group that best represents you and help us by taking the survey. Some of you may fit multiple groups and we encourage you to fill out those surveys with that perspective in mind. We will be using the information to determine how we can help our small businesses further and who/what organization is best suited to provide assistance.

* Minority business owners, we encourage you to participate in the survey and identify your business as there may be recovery funding that can be provided for your participation. In past efforts, the CAC had to prove that your business held valid state and local permits in order to provide grants or other funds.

General Survey for All

This general survey link is for anyone that interacts with City of Seattle Departments (Department of Neighborhoods, Office of Planning and Community Development, City Light, etc). Let us know how they are doing and what concerns/issues you may have.

Technical Assistance Providers (Community Service Organizations)

This survey link is for entities and organizations that look to provide businesses technical assistance and/or services to Central Area small businesses (outreach, accounting, legal, business planning, tax, etc)

Business Owners in the Central Area

This survey link is for small business owners operating in the Central Area Neighborhoods. 

Note the Central Area Collaborative is looking to help the City of Seattle disburse federal funds related to the pandemic recovery effort. If your business is interested please leave contact information in the survey

Spirtual/Religious Service Providers

This survey link is for religious and spiritual service(s) providers. We are seeking to learn how providers were affected by the pandemic and the types of services you were able to provide or not able to provide due to the pandemic.

Central Area Residents and District Council

This survey link is for Central Area residents in general and those who represent residents through the various district councils within the Central Area. We are seeking information on how you as individuals supported small businesses during the pandemic. We are also looking to learn what may be considered in the future or what could be done better.

Land Use & Development/Developer Stakeholders

This survey link is the development community with projects within the Central Area neighborhood boundaries. We are looking for information that indicates how easy or difficult it is to bring development projects into the Central Area. We seek to know what City Services or Community organizations either help or hurt your processes and what best practices you recommend.

Youth, Education, Childcare Community Stakeholders

This survey link is for entities that provide services in the community related to youth, education or childcare.

Arts & Creative Culture Community Stakeholders

This survey link is for people, organizations and entities that are tied to the arts, culture and creative communities within the Central Area neighborhoods.

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