The City of Seattle is exploring a pilot program to bring Lime Scooters to the Greater Seattle Area, and we greatly value the input of community to shape this partnership.  The inclusion of dockless e-scooters into Seattle would provide an accessible, low-cost, environmentally sustainable mode of transportation, and would increase last-mile access to and from our existing transportation network. Your input would ensure that this partnership and the e-scooter program is equitable and accessible to historically underserved communities.


New modes of transit are not easy to come by. Introducing electric scooters into the existing transportation network would increase accessibility around Seattle, with no harm to the environment. In Seattle specifically, a study found that 75% of those who were surveyed used Lime Bikes to access other modes of public transit. By introducing yet another type of electric mobility, this number has the potential to increase even more while providing a fun and sustainable way to access transit. Additionally, e-scooters are a great way  for those who may not otherwise have transit service to get to their nearest centers and commute even further.


In order to understand the impact of this partnership more thoroughly, we are working with organizations in the area that share our values of creating a safe, accessible, and environmentally friendly introduction of electric scooters to Seattle. We want to hear from those who would be impacted by this change, so we can understand how best to introduce this program to the community and provide the resources for it to succeed.


We ask for your help and feedback in order to create a productive and exciting program. Will you be willing to share with us your thoughts on how Lime can work on some of the transportation issues facing our communities.

There will be two informational meetings held, with the first being next Tuesday, Aug 6th from 12:00-1:00p at El Centro de La Raza and the second being next Thursday, Aug 8th from 12:00-1:00p. at the Northgate Public Library.

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