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The City and State need your assistance in learning what it is doing right and what needs improvement as it relates to assistance for Central Area small businesses. Please let your voice be heard and wishes be known.

We know how much our businesses are hurting. We have been working hard to provide immediate relief to these businesses, and are now partnering with several organizations to conduct a third round business survey to gauge the latest impacts and needs. Responses to these surveys will help inform our next rounds of relief and assistance.

Information collected in this survey will help develop economic recovery strategies and quantify emergency relief programs for small businesses, non-profits, and independent workers throughout the region. This survey is estimated to take only 20 minutes to complete.

We encourage businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes, and independent workers throughout King, Snohomish, or Pierce counties to complete the survey in full. Individual responses will not be published, but will be aggregated and analyzed to understand the extent of the economic damages caused by COVID-19 locally and regionally, and establish trends. Aggregate findings will be published, and survey participants will receive updates regarding the collected data.

Businesses can complete the survey using this link: https://caimaps.info/cailive/kcsurvey


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